Over the past year I’ve helped lead a new Research Workstream within the international teaching collaboration, Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age.

To initiate the Research Workstream, Tom Steinberg and I co-authored a Research Briefing, which outlines the key research questions that we think need to be answered to test and refine what have become widely accepted – but rarely empirically scrutinized – best practices in digital era government.

We’re also launching a series of Research Workshops in 2022. These workshops will bring together an international group of researchers to share and discuss research papers and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

You can read the Research Briefing here

If you would like to apply to attend the Research Workshops, you can do so here.



Citation: Clarke, Amanda & Tom Steinberg. 2021. Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age: A Briefing for Potential Research Collaborators. November 2. pp. 12.